Planets Huntington Library
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Many different types of interior spaces are available for filming, including offices (grand and small), hallways (fancy and dingy), bathrooms (not pictured here, but varying from standard public issue to fancy marble executive types), and a variety of entrance-ways, staircases and public spaces, including a break-room. And there are a number of NEW interiors (theatre, lobbies, hallways) featured on the Entrance Area page. (Please note that filming is still not permitted inside the art galleries or the Library collection areas.)
Ahmanson – large meeting room or classroom opening onto a flagstone courtyard.
Munger lobby – formal, marble entrance area leading to upscale offices.
Munger elevator – (so upscale it’s wood-panelled)
Munger lobby stairs – a 2 storey reception area.
Botanical Center lobby.
Botanical Center basement - "open plan" work area with landscaped light well.
President's office - large and formal.
Office bullpen.
President's Conference Room - opulent, formal; no windows.
Seaver Classrooms - class or meeting rooms, no windows.
Botanical Auditorium - rising floor, no windows.
Break room - hall on one side, open courtyard on other.
Library stairway; open reception area at top.
Botanical lobby stairway.
Botanical staircase - interior, standard, modern.
Mailroom - complete with cage doors.
Office hallways...
..with and without windows.
Industrial hallway - storage area with pipes, cage, no windows.
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